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Turns your empty bottle into a watering can.

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Twist the expressive handle onto a plastic bottle and choose between two different caps: a tapered one for your tiny plants and a wide-spreading for watering big pots. The handle has a thread that fits 90% of all plastic bottles.


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Extension 1 (x, y, z): 74mm, 32mm, 200mm
Extension 2 (x, y, z): 37.5mm, 37.5mm, 60mm
Extension 3 (x, y, z): 28.5mm, 28.5mm, 157mm


  • Printer: Ultimaker 2
  • Cura version: 14.03
  • Layer height (mm): 0,06
  • Shell thickness (mm): 0,6
  • Bottom/Top thickness (mm): 1,2
  • Fill density (%): 40
  • Print speed (mm/s): 40
  • Support type: none
  • Platform adhesion type: Brim
  • Filament: PLA
  • Printing temperature: 225° C (for initial layer 210° C)