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There's space for this cutlery in every pocket.

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Camping, picnic, BBQ – there are a lot of occasions where you want basic cutlery without having to bring along your silver spoons from home. ‘Flats’ provides spoon, fork, and knife, is sturdy yet lightweight, and, as its name implies, can be tucked together flat for storage and transport.


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Dimensions (x, y, z): 104.5mm, 151mm, 8.5mm


  • Printer: Ultimaker 2
  • Cura version: 14.03
  • Layer height (mm): 0,06
  • Shell thickness (mm): 1,1
  • Bottom/Top thickness (mm): 1,2
  • Fill density (%): 40
  • Print speed (mm/s): 60
  • Support type: none
  • Platform adhesion type: Brim
  • Filament: PLA
  • Printing temperature: 220°